Monday, July 31, 2017

First Draft vs. Revisions

I've found that many of the writers that I've spoken with prefer to work on revisions, edits, or rewrites than write the first draft of a novel.

I'm the exact opposite. I find it much easier to write the first draft than have to go back through the completed work and look for plot holes, proper grammar and sentence structure, pacing, and inconsistencies such as changes in hair and eye color or names, and time of day or the timeline in general... The list goes on and on.

One of the reasons I prefer to write a first draft than work on editing or revisions is while I try to use proper grammar and keep inconsistencies to a minimum during that first draft, I don't sit there obsessively worrying whether I'm following the "rules" and such. The words usually flow from my fingers to the keyboard. When I'm working on edits or revisions, I feel like the words come in drips and drabs if I have to flesh out a scene or add a new one. I'm too worried about those rules, whether everything flows and makes sense etc.

It seems to take me two or three times as long to revise a completed manuscript than it does to write a first draft. I'd like to find a way to do revisions/edits that doesn't take quite so long and doesn't make me want to pull my hair out during the process but at the same time, improves the novel to the point it is the best I can make it.

If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. :o)

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