Friday, August 12, 2016

This I know for sure...

Being in a cast from my knee to my toes wasn't how I planned to spend this summer. Add in the unbearable high heat and humidity we've experienced at least two to three days out of every week and it makes it even more uncomfortable. We usually have nine days of temperatures 90 degrees or higher each summer. This year we've had twenty-one days with the possibility of it reaching 90 tomorrow and we still have almost three weeks of August left.

I try not to complain too much about how sweaty my foot and leg feels inside the cast, how itchy it can get, and how hard it is to do even the simplest things. After all, there are people dealing with much worse physical issues than the discomfort of a cast for eight weeks or so.

One thing that I'm having a hard time dealing with is being cooped up in the house day after day. It's a challenge for me to go up a flight of stairs so I've been stuck in the house since my surgery about a month ago with the exception of two post-op appointments. We're having all these beautiful summer days and I am only experiencing them from my living room window.

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