Friday, August 19, 2016

There's No Such Thing As Too Many Books...

...Or maybe there is. I read an average of 4 to 6 books a month depending on how busy a particular month is and the time of year. I tend to read more books in the summer because I don't watch TV in the evenings like I do the rest of the year.

Despite my attempts to read books on my "To Be Read" (TBR) list and cross them off, the list keeps growing longer. I'll find a new author and add his or her book(s) to the list. It's not so bad if the writer has only one or two books out, but when I find a new author that has a large series or backlist, I usually will read the first couple and if I like the books and the writing style, I add all of the author's books to the TBR list.

I subscribe to blogs that keep me apprised of new books being released and keep up with Publisher's Weekly. My local library also gives out a free newspaper type magazine that lists books ranging from non-fiction to fiction across multiple genres that were released or are being released each month.

Currently, I have two full 1 subject notebooks with books listed on the front and back of each page (just started the 3rd one), 200 plus books on my Kindle, and I'm still perusing websites and such looking for books that sound interesting to add to my TBR list.

How long is your To Be Read list?

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