Friday, August 5, 2016

This I know for sure...

I rarely watch sporting events on television. I do watch the Super Bowl, not because I have any interest in football, but because I like to see all the innovative commercials. In fact, I don't even pay attention to the game itself and only watch when commercials come on.

Tonight the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games will be broadcast. I'll be front and center in front of the TV. I love to watch the games, both the summer and winter versions. I try to watch as many of the events as I can. I like learning about the stories of the athletes regardless of what country they're from. The stories of how they overcame adversity and/or loss determined to live their dream of being an Olympian. I admire those athletes most. I root for them to give the best performance of their lives even if they don't win a medal.

They remind me that determination and drive will get you where you want to be no matter how hard the journey may be.

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