Friday, June 9, 2017

This I know for sure...

I'd been under an incredible amount of stress at my day job from early March up to the week of Memorial Day. I knew it was affecting my ability to sleep at night and causing near constant headaches during the work day. (I'd get a headache just before I had to leave home in the morning and have the headache the entire time I was at the office. Almost as soon as I walked out of the building in the afternoon, my headache would disappear.)

What I didn't realize was how much it was affecting my writing. I had a lot of things crop up unexpectedly that took up my writing time, but I also found myself finding excuses or reasons why I couldn't work on my manuscript on the days I had the time. When I did sit down to write, I would usually only manage a page or two of new material. I had a hard time getting the story flowing in my head much less on paper.

I recently made a major change in my day job and took the week of Memorial Day off to decompress and destress. While the decision I made regarding my day job wasn't ideal and definitely had significant drawbacks, I'm feeling considerably less stressed. I'm sleeping better at night and haven't had a headache in nearly two weeks. I'm also feeling hopeful that the change will get back me on track with my writing.

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