Friday, June 23, 2017

This I know for sure...

"The sun turns the heart's agitation into tranquility." ~ Ma Lihua, Tibetan writer

The above quote was Tuesday's page on my page-a-day calendar. I read it and then stopped and re-read it. The quote struck me because it's very true in my case. I find I'm always happier or seem in a better mood when it's sunny. I love the late spring and summer where the days are longer and filled with sunshine, for the most part anyway.

The gray, dark days of winter set in here about mid to late October and usually last to late April-early May. By the time those early spring days come around, I'm thrilled to see even the tiniest bit of sun during the day. Every year the month of March is the longest, hardest month for me to get through. I think it's because winter has been dragging on for so long and because I know spring is coming.

Do you find a sunny day improves your mood?

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