Friday, February 24, 2017

This I know for sure...

This year is the first time in quite a while that I started off a new year feeling really positive and optimistic about the upcoming days and months ahead. I find myself throughout each day whispering to myself, "2017 is going to be a great year."

Today I received some news that I was afraid was going to be bad news, but just the opposite happened. Everything turned out the way I hoped it would, but was afraid it wouldn't. More proof that this year is going to be amazing.

I'm told if you put something out in the universe, it'll happen so I will keep telling myself that this year is going to be a great year. And I'll keep my fingers crossed that the whole, "put it out into the universe and it'll happen" thing is true.

I would love some examples of this happening for you or someone you know if you'd like to share.

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