Friday, January 15, 2016

This I know for sure...

Like everyone else at this time of the year I'm trying to eat healthier. My doctor would like me to lose between 20 to 25 pounds so that I'm in the middle of the weight range for someone of my height (5'10").

I've always eaten fruit every day and sometimes twice a day. I eat whole wheat or multi-grain bread. I eat a lot of vegetables and only eat meat once or twice a week. I also have Greek yogurt three to four times a week.

Given how I eat on a regular basis, you must be asking how can I be overweight. Well, I love bread. Not sandwich bread, but good crusty loaves of bread from a bakery. Oh my give me a loaf of sourdough bread and I'm in heaven. I don't even need anything on it.

My other downfall? Cookies, not store bought cookies though. I have no problem leaving them on the shelf, but homemade cookies...I can't leave them alone. Did I mention I love to bake? I usually make some type of cookie a couple of times a month and I'm also usually the only one who eats them. The rest of my family will have one or two when I first make them, but that's about it. They'd rather have pretzels, popcorn, or Cheez-Its.

How about you? Do you have a certain type of food that you'd rather eat than anything else? Yes, mine is bread, though cookies run a darn close second. :o)

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