Monday, January 25, 2016

A Creative Outlet

There's a wonderful book called The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. (I believe it was first published in 2002) that talks about filling your creative well. I often find that if my writing is not going well, I need to step back and take a couple of hours to do something outside of writing.

Two of the things I like to do are crocheting and building puzzles. Both allow me a creative outlet that allows my brain to work on whatever plot problem I'm struggling with while I'm working with yarn or trying to find a piece of blue sky that fits in just the right spot.

I've come up with entire scenes while working on a puzzle. I've learned to keep a pad of paper and pen nearby so I can jot down ideas and notes so when I go back to the laptop all those wonderful things my brain came up with aren't lost into the ether.

Someone recently told me best selling author Susan Mallery also builds puzzles. I don't know if she uses them as a creative outlet while plotting out her writing, but it's nice to know I'm in good company.

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