Monday, January 11, 2016

Revisions Round Two

With the start of a new year, I'm back to revising my manuscript in earnest. I wasted a lot of time the last part of 2015 playing at revising this book. I've already done one complete revision but it needs at least one more and then I'll send it out to a couple of people who read manuscript and let me know what they think.

My first quarterly goal is to have this book completely revised, sent out to readers, and ready for submission by the end of March. I plan on having all of the revisions done by the end of February.

During this second round of revisions I'll be looking for continuity, plot holes, secondary characters that appear and then disappear just as quickly, that the timeline of events makes sense, cliches, and character stereotypes. I'll also keep an eye out for any misspellings, incorrect grammar, missing words, and overuse of certain words. Two of my favorite words that I use way too often are "just" and "that." I've gotten better with "that" but "just" still sneaks into my work way too often.

I bought some colored ink pens yesterday while I was out shopping. I revise on paper so each color will stand out against the black ink. One color will be for dialogue changes/additions, another color will be for timeline issues, etc.

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