Friday, March 13, 2015

This I know for sure...

Today is Friday the 13th. Some people I know dread this day. They don't consider themselves superstitious, but are convinced something bad will happen on the day because of the date. My sister works with the public and is convinced that anyone who's a little crazy comes out in full force when it's a full moon or a Friday the 13th.

I haven't had anything bad happen on Friday the 13th so I tend to look at it the same way I do any other day. I also have a black cat, have put my shoes on the table (a huge no-no bad luck will happen according to my mother) Before you all crinkle up your noses at the thought, the shoes were new and I hadn't worn them yet so nothing icky from being warn outside was transferred to the table top.

Are you superstitious? What are those things that are no-no's to you?

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