Monday, March 30, 2015

Last week was just...hellish. Still trying to recover. My brain wouldn't cooperate in coming up with a subject for today's post so here's a recipe that's a big hit with my family.

The Bestest Cake Ever (my nephew gave the cake this name the first time he tasted it.)

1 cup all purpose flour
1 cup coarsely chopped walnuts (I've made the cake without the nuts and it's just as good.)
1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, melted
1 package 8 ounces cream cheese, softened
1 cup confectioners' sugar
1 container (8 ounces) Cool Whip
4 cups milk
2 boxes (3.4 ounces each) instant vanilla pudding
2 boxes (3.9 ounces each) instant chocolate pudding
Chopped nuts and chocolate curls (optional)

Heat oven to 350 degrees. Coat a 13 x 9 x 2 inch baking dish with nonstick cooking spray. In a medium sized bowl, mix the flour, walnuts, and butter together. Pat the mixture over the bottom of the pan. Bake for 15 minutes, then let cool. While the crust is cooling, beat the cream cheese and sugar together until the mixture is smooth. Fold half of the Cool Whip into the sugar and cream cheese mixture and spread over the cooled crust.

Prepare the vanilla pudding using 2 cups of the milk according to the package directions. Spread over the cream cheese layer. Prepare the chocolate pudding with the remaining 2 cups of milk also according to the package directions. Spread over the vanilla pudding layer. Top with the remaining Cool Whip. Refrigerate at least 2 hours, but you can refrigerate it over night with no problems too. Sprinkle with nuts and/or chocolate curls just before serving. Cut into squares and serve.

Makes up to 16 servings depending how you cut it.

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