Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What I'm Reading Wednesday

I apologize for the misnomer of this blog post. I have no review or recipe to post which I usually do when I haven't finished a book for review. I have a big deadline looming (September 2nd) so I'm not going to have the reading time I used to have for a while.

Rather than stressing over not having a review to put up or posting a recipe week after week, starting June 4th I'm changing Wednesdays from "What I'm Reading Wednesday" to "What's Up Wednesday" until at least the last week of August. What's Up Wednesdays will have consist of how my writing is going, news in the publishing industry that seems noteworthy, the next week's plan generally speaking, a quote of the week (I'm a huge fan of quotes, inspirational and otherwise), and anything else that might seem interesting.

Depending how things go, I may go back to posting reviews after August or not. I'll have to see how the What's Up Wednesdays go. I'll still have guests on Wednesdays as they're scheduled.

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