Friday, May 2, 2014

This I know for sure...

In today's world, it seems hard to get a child interested in anything that doesn't involve a game controller or sitting in front of a computer screen of some sort. Lately, the boy child has shown an interest in how things grow. He wanted to try and grow something so we saved some apple seeds from his after school snack. I found a packet of old flower seeds left over from last year so we planted a few in plastic cups to see what would happen.

A few days later, he was all excited to see tiny green sprouts pushing through the soil. He checks the cups every day, talks to them as he positions them on the windowsill in the small amount of sun we've had recently, and waters them as necessary. He is beyond excited that we're growing apple trees. I haven't the heart to tell him we can't plant them outside. We have a very small (about 3 x 4 ft) back yard area and planting them in the front yard would be too close to the house where the tree roots could cause damage to the foundation.

Here's a picture of his plants as of this afternoon. The tallest ones are the apple seeds.

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