Monday, May 12, 2014


I apologize for this post beforehand because it's a bit of a rant on etiquette or the lack thereof. Being a writer, I know how hard it is to get the word out about your book, to try and reach an audience that wants to buy and read that book. I host other romance authors on occasion for that reason. Recently, I signed up on a blog that lists bloggers who will host romance authors. We are able to specify what type of sub-genre of romance, if any, that we'd like to have as well as a heat level so authors looking for places to promote know what we're looking for, or not looking for.

The last three times I've been contacted about being a guest here have gone against some of the big no-nos I learned when I first started writing and submitting work for publication. Admittedly contacting a blogger, even a fellow writer, is a lot different than contacting an agent or editor/publishing house. However, it was impressed upon me how important it was to follow certain submission rules so that I would be deemed a professional.

One of those rules was not to send mass emails out to agents and/or editors. It was best to take the time to email each person I wanted to contact individually even if it seemed time consuming. Another rule, probably even more important than the one above, was to send a query letter first before submitting my manuscript unless the publisher's guidelines specifically stated to send a certain number of pages or chapters along with the query letter. One other rule was to make sure I did my research and contacted those agents and/or editors that represented the type of writing I did.

Those last three emails I received about guesting on my blog I mentioned above...well they broke all those rules. The first was a mass email to just about everyone on the list, the second was an erotica author looking for a place to promote. (I specifically have no erotica listed under my restrictions and the reason why.) And finally, the last person didn't even ask if I could host him/her but sent me a Sign Up Genius link where I could download an interview, guest post, etc and sign up for a date without even an introduction email as to who she/he was or asking if I would consider signing up for the promotion tour.

All three of these emails left a bad taste in my mouth so I can just imagine how an agent and/or editor might feel when they get these types of emails. I realize we all only have a limited amount of time to write new material and promote our books and that I'm just another writer out there with a blog, but the lack of professionalism in this area just grates on my nerves.

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