Monday, June 6, 2016

RT Book Reviews Magazine

I've been a subscriber of RT Book Reviews magazine for a number of years. I love the reviews in multiple genres that it provides. Unfortunately, their July issue will be the last print issue. Going forward, the magazine will be in an online format only. Here's the announcement link: RT Book Reviews Magazine Transition Announcement

While I understand the reasons behind their decision to suspend the print edition, I'm not happy about it. I liked having the paper version of the magazine because I could mark the pages or certain reviews of books I want to read and/or purchase. I also shared the magazine with my mom who is computerphobic. I also don't like that as a print subscriber I didn't receive any type of notice that this was occurring. I found out through a newsletter for another organization I belong to.

My subscription has another 8 months left on it so I'll have some time to get used to the online format, but I will miss the print edition.

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