Monday, May 1, 2017

Writing...or Not

I seem to have lost my writing mojo since mid March when we had a huge windstorm that knocked power out to over 200,000 people in my area. My home was without heat or electricity for 5 days, my place of employment was without power for 6 days. I don't know what it was about that storm, but it seems to have blown my muse somewhere far from here.

I felt like I was starting to get back on track, but then had to work extra hours at the day job for the last 3 weeks or so. Doing so ate into my writing time so I accomplished next to nothing during that time. April has come to an end and I'm pretty much at the same point in my manuscript as I was two months ago.

My writing isn't moving forward the way I want it to. Things have been miserable at the day job to the point where I dread having to be there, and I'm starting to feel like I will never be successful (my vision of success) in my writing career. I admit I spent the last few days having a pity party for myself.

As a way to cheer myself up, I bought a couple of books from Barnes & Noble over the weekend. One of those books is Write Naked: A Bestseller's Secrets to Writing Romance by Jennifer Probst. I don't usually buy writing how-to books (though I do get them out of the library) mainly because most of them tell you success can only be reached if you follow their rules or plan or the content is just a regurgitation of everything any writer who's been working on his or her craft already knows.

I don't know what compelled me to purchase Ms. Probst's book. I don't know her. To be completely honest, her name was unknown to me. I've never read any of her books (prior to this one) and don't know of anyone among friends and family who is familiar with her work.

That being said, I purchased a copy of Write Naked and spent part of Saturday night propped up in bed with a cup tea reading the book. I've only read up to Chapter 7 so far, but I'm already feeling inspired. As well as dispensing advice, Ms. Probst is very honest and open in what she's experienced in her career including mistakes she made.

Today is May 1st. The start of a new month. I'm determined to get my writing back on track beginning with today.

Thank you Ms. Probst for helping me to feel that attaining my vision of a successful writing career is possible.

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