Friday, June 26, 2015

This I know for sure...

I can't express how great it is to work for an employer that treats his employees like he'd treat his family. Every Friday he buys lunch and we all have lunch together in the conference room. Every morning when he comes in if he comes in after the official start time, he makes sure to say good morning to everyone. If he's there first, he greets everyone as they arrive. Today, he's closing the office at 1:00pm just because. No real special reason, just that he thought we've all been working hard and deserve to get out early with full pay for the day.

These things might not seem like much but considering some of my past employers, this is huge. It's this type of employer that engenders loyalty. And because he's so great to work for, his employees are willing to go above and beyond for him and not think twice about it.

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