Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday, Monday

I've been thinking about what today's post should be about since last Wednesday. It's now Sunday night at 8:30pm and I still can't come up with a topic that doesn't seem trite, or one that I haven't already touched on in one of my posts from the last 4 years.

On Mondays I usually write about something writing related whether it be the mechanics, my process, or something along that line. Is it possible that I've run out of things to say? That seems as though I know everything and have already imparted it to you, my readers. And that's hardly the case. I learn new things about writing or the industry nearly every day.

So this week I'm asking you -- What would you like me to talk about that's writing related? My process, my research experiences (though I may have already exhausted this topic), writing in general, what I like to read, where I get ideas...Let me know. And in the meantime, I'll do some poking about on the internet and see if I can get some ideas for future posts that will be of interest.

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