Monday, October 27, 2014

Finding Time

My day job schedule is changing soon so I won't have the hour and a half of writing time I used to have every day before starting dinner. I'm worried about how and where I'll find that time in my new schedule. I hope to be able to write on my lunch, but that may not always be possible. I'm going to try and write in the evenings while the boy child is playing video games, but again worry that may not happen due to other household chores I used to do during that time.

One thing I've heard a number of writers do is get up an hour earlier than they need to and write before starting their day. That's not something I really want to do or maybe try only as a last resort. I already get up at 5:00am six days a week. That being said, I'm asking everyone who works full time outside the home how and when do you find time to write while juggling family and home responsibilities. I'd love some suggestions I can try once my new schedule begins.

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