Friday, September 19, 2014

This I know for sure...

Whenever life seems to going along well, something happens and knocks you off your feet.  This seems to be happening a lot lately. I feel like I no more than get back on my feet when life decides to knock me back down. It's been a rough two months since I suffered the sudden death of a family member at way too young of an age.

I've been trying to be positive and looking for the best in each day. Some days are easier than others, but lately, especially this week, things have been occurring that I have no idea how to find anything positive in them. I've been coping by trying to keep my head down and focusing on just getting through the day.

You know that old saying, "bad things happen in threes," well I'm up to about five now and am ready for change in whatever is responsible for this streak of terrible things occurring. I don't know if you call it luck, fate, or karma or something else all together.

I hate to think I've been so terrible to someone that karma is doing this to me as some sort of payback. I always try to treat people the way I want to be treated so I don't think I've intentionally done something so terrible that the universe feels I need some sort continual or ongoing punishment. But it sure seems that way.

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