Friday, July 17, 2015

This I know for sure...

I missed a Wednesday post again! It's been two weeks in a row. I always look forward to the summer months not only for the beautiful weather, but also because the daily hectic pace of life seems to slow down during this time. Maybe that's why it's called the lazy days of summer.

Unfortunately things have been anything but calm and relaxing lately. Between adopting the kitten who became ill and nursing it back to health literally, learning new duties at work, going through and packing up a huge number of books I was given, and trying to get my writing time in each day, things have been crazy lately.

While the kitten is doing better, he still requires some feeding and trips back to the vet. My day job work load should be back to normal, and I have almost all of the books packed for donation to a couple of local libraries. I'm hoping this coming week will go back to normal and I can enjoy the slow pace of the summer again.

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