Friday, July 10, 2015

This I know for sure...

We adopted a new kitten this week. His name is Dash after Dashiell Hammett. He didn't seem to be eating so I took him to the vet. We've had to put him on kitten replacement formula and feed him with a bottle and feed every 4 to 6 hours. Yesterday was the first day he ate solid food and drank out of the water bowl. I'm happy about this for a couple of reasons, it means he's getting better and maybe I can get more than 4 hours of sleep a night. It's been almost like having a newborn in the house. :o)  (My apologies for not posting on Wednesday. I was so concerned about the kitten, I didn't even realize I didn't do my Wednesday posting until I was up for the 3:30am feeding Thursday morning.)

My older cat, Petey, has taken to the kitten very well.  Petey plays with him. The kitten likes to pounce on him and bite his ears. Petey even tries to bathe  and follows him around the house. Whenever the kitten tries to do something Petey knows he's not allowed to do, like chew cords, Petey will either nudge the kitten away from the item or slap him with his paw. He doesn't seem to hurt the kitten because he doesn't cry, but he does stop doing what he shouldn't be.

I was a bit worried about bringing another male cat into the house because I've heard males are very territorial. Maybe it's different if the males are neutered, which Petey is and so will Dash be when he's old enough to have the surgery.

Here's a picture of Dash -

Here's a picture of Dash and Petey -

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