Monday, December 8, 2014

Vision Boards

Some writers use vision boards or collages to help in the pre-writing stage of their novels or as a source of inspiration or to help them visualize characters, setting, etc. Many writers who use vision boards/collages swear they help keep them on track, help them get the words down on paper, and/or help them stay inspired. The most well-known (that I'm aware of) writer who advocates the use of collages or vision boards is Jennifer Cruisie.  (Here's a link to her blog where she talks about them - Collages as Prewriting and Inspiration )

I've never done a vision board or collage for a book, but at any given time I've always collected pictures or things that remind me of the book I was writing at the time. I've just stuck them in a folder and would go through them from time to time - mainly when I got stuck on a plot point or needed some inspiration.

As I've been thinking about the goals I want to set and meet for the upcoming year, I keep coming back to the idea of a vision board. I'm considering doing one for my writing in general with pictures, words of inspiration, writing quotes, etc. I have a picture of the Rita (the equivalent of an Oscar award in the Romance Writing community) that I think I'm going to include.  While I may not win a Rita in 2015, it'll be something to strive for. I'm going to hang the board where I'll see it every day so it'll keep me inspired and moving forward in my writing career.

Have you ever done a vision board or collage for a book or for something you wanted to accomplish?

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