Monday, December 1, 2014

December, At Last?

Happy December 1st!  

For those of you who are like me and hate shopping for holiday gifts and have barely started the dreaded chore, we only have 23 more days to shop (24 if you're a serious procrastinator or a male). 

For the most part, I've kept to my vow to try and do as much of my shopping as I can. I went out on Saturday and purchased some art supply items one of my nieces asked for because the store had a great sale on canvas, oil paints, etc. That's been the extent of my brick & mortar shopping. I also did some online shopping on Black Friday because I won't have a chance to get any of the deals for Cyber Monday.

Did you do any online or in store shopping this last weekend? Or are you one of those organized people who are done shopping by the end of October? Yes, I actually know someone like this. :o)

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