Friday, December 12, 2014

This I know for sure...

Although I'm nearly done with my Christmas shopping (hurray!), I'm having a hard time finding any holiday spirit this year. Instead of enjoying the shopping and decorating, everything seems like a chore that needs to be done instead of being savored or a way to make new memories.

In an effort to find my missing Christmas cheer, I watched Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Tuesday night while writing out the holiday cards I send out to friends and family. (I've always said it's not Christmas unless we watch Rudolph at least once.) I think it helped a bit. I'm actually looking forward to putting up the tree this weekend. Then it'll be time to start the baking of the numerous types of cookies, sweet rolls, and breads that are given away as gifts and to family members with their gifts.

We had a winter storm this past Wednesday thru this morning with about 12 inches of snow. As much as I hate driving in the snow, I'm hoping the "winter wonderland" look will also help me find my less than enthusiastic holiday spirit.

Are you feeling overwhelmed or spiritless, or are you loving the season?


  1. That is exactly how I feel this year...that it is a chore that needs to be done. I know mine is due to the fact the girls are grown and pretty much just getting cash this year, but I miss that holiday spirit

    1. Hi Charlotte,
      It's nice to know I'm not the only person feeling like Scrooge this year. I agree that having young children around seems to make the holidays more special. Hope you and your family have a great season.