Friday, August 15, 2014

Please Welcome My Guest

Please welcome my guest, Regina West. Regina West comes from a long line of romance readers. Anytime her mother and grandmother had a moment of quiet, they immersed themselves in whatever paperback romance they’d picked up that week. So it is fitting that Gina has chosen romance as her favorite genre for both reading and writing.

She grew up in North Carolina, spent a few years moving around the U.S., but has settled in beautiful Colorado. She spends her days working for a non-profit organization and her evenings hanging out with her two smartypants boys. In the middle, she manages to squeeze in writing, editing, classical guitar and knitting. Currently, she’s working on a six-book paranormal romance series.

One day, she hopes to leave winter behind forever and retreat to Tahiti to live in a yurt and while away the hours writing and sipping umbrella drinks.

Last month, when my birthday rolled around, I gathered a group of friends and headed off to see The Fault in Our Stars. After two hours of tears and tissues, we sat outside the nearby Coldstone to eat some frozen post-movie therapy and talk, which we did for a crazy amount of time, like five hours. We went from crying to laughing hysterically, and I was reminded once again how crucial the friendships of these women are for me.

We ranged in age from 15 to 50. Between us, we had single moms, women who had been happily married for decades, women who had taken major risks with their careers, women who had made the difficult decision to follow personal, unproven paths. We were a wealth of wisdom, life experience, and, best of all, femininity.

The same theme appears in my new novel The Long Way Home. It is a romance, so the relationship between the two main characters, Twilah and Aidan, is the crucial one, of course. But Twilah is also surrounded with rich, fulfilling female friendships just like the ones I have in my own life. At one point in the book, she suddenly realizes that these women have become her family, so much so that they sway her decisions as much as Aidan does.

It was important to me that Twilah and her friends reflect the unique bond that forms between women. While Aidan helps Twilah build a new life, her friends make that life whole.

 Blurb: Twilah Dunn has it all—an exciting life in Los Angeles and a thriving ad agency she owns with her fiancĂ©. Then she learns that her estranged father has died and her business partner is sleeping with her best friend. In one day, her perfect life unravels and the city she calls home is now anything but.

She returns to her hometown in North Carolina determined to sell her father's horse farm in order to buy back her business from her cheating fiancĂ©. But when she sees the farm’s dilapidated state, she can’t bear the thought of selling it that way. Against all reason, she puts her fast-paced, metropolitan life on hold and hires local cowboy Aidan Perry to help restore the farm to its former glory. She’s heard the rumors of his dark past, and she’s wary of mixing business with pleasure—again. But soon she can’t keep her mind, or her hands, off of him.

Can Twilah push through her fear and love Aidan? Will his past prove too dangerous? Has she really left LA behind or will it continue to haunt her? 

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