Monday, December 2, 2013

The Best of Intentions

Back in September, I decided I wanted to revamp my blog. At the time I was under a self-imposed deadline to finish the first draft of my WIP (Work In Progress) which had already taken much longer than it should have to get the point I was at in the story. Knowing my deadline was October 12th, I planned on taking time to sit down and decide what I wanted to change about my blog and how I would go about it after that date.

I planned on making the changes gradually so that everything would be done by the middle of November. Well you know what they say about the best laid plans. Yep, they went out the window. Just about the time I met my writing deadline, chaos erupted at work. The person who did the payroll walked out in the middle of the day one day and never came back. Being her back up, I had to find the time to process the payroll and the responsibilities that go along with that, do my own regular duties and find the time to pay the quarterly taxes due to multiple states all by the end of October. This of course necessitated lots of overtime which left little time to do anything extra (such as revamping a blog) when I got home at night. Thankfully, a new payroll person was hired in the last week of October and was easy to train. So I spent November training the new person and trying to catch up on my own stuff that had to be set aside and keeping everything else current.

Now here it is December 2nd and I haven't made a single change to the layout or look of the blog. I did start doing book reviews on "What I'm Reading Wednesdays" instead of just posting what I'm reading at that time, so I guess I could say I made a tiny change to the format. Unfortunately, with the Christmas season now upon us and all the additional responsibilities that come with that, I don't see any free time for updates or changes to this poor blog until after December 25th.

So now my plan, or should I say goal, is to make the changes to the layout the week between Christmas and New Year's day when everything isn't quite so hectic so that I can start the new year with a fresh, new blog so to speak. Wish me luck.

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