Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday Annoyances

I listen to the radio while I'm at the day job. Every day the radio station gives a trivia question where you can call in and win something. Friday's question was "What's the most annoying thing about Christmas shopping?"

Of course people called in and guessed standing in long lines, fighting the crowds, trying to find a parking spot, being unable to find an item listed in a sales ad, dealing with rude people, etc. The answer was being asked for your phone number and/or email address. Really? That's what a survey of people found most annoying?

Personally, there are two things I find equally annoying. One is trying to find a parking spot anywhere in any type of mall or plaza at this time of the year. Even the grocery store parking lot is a nightmare. What drives me absolutely crazy is when you're waiting with your turn signal on for a person to leave their spot and some "person" pulls through from the other side so, heaven forbid, they don't have to back out of a spot when they're done shopping.

The second thing that annoys me beyond words is how horrible people can be. This is supposed to be a joyous time of year yet some people are so outright rude, it ruins the mood of anyone they come in contact with. I was shopping in Target with my mother a few days ago and woman ran her cart into my heel. It wasn't just a bump, but a hard shove that caused me to stumble forward and that hurt so much, it still hurt to walk two days later. When I turned around to look at who had rammed their cart into me, a young woman glared at me and said, "You're in my way. Move." Not a word of apology or remorse. The worst part was the store wasn't very crowded and she could have easily gone around us. Needless to say that killed any Christmas spirit I might have been feeling that day.

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