Friday, September 2, 2011

This I Know For Sure...

The answer to a story problem will always come to me when I'm in the shower or don't have access to pen and paper. 

I solved the second issue by buying a bunch of 3 x 4 spiral memo pads and some golf pencils.  I have a pad & pen/pencil in my purse and if I'm not going to carry my purse, the small pads and pencils fit easily into my back pocket/coat pocket.

I haven't figured out how to solve the first issue though.  Either I make a water mess trying to get out of the shower to write the thought down (and dripping all over the paper making it nearly illegible)  or by the time I get out of the shower and dried off, whatever solution that came to me is gone. 

Do you have the same problem?  How do you handle it?


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