Monday, September 26, 2011

Pets in Books and Movies

I enjoy reading books or watching movies that have a pet of some sort.  Or even movies that are just about the animals themselves such as “Homeward Bound” or “Milo and Otis.”  

One thing I hate though is if something terrible happens to the pet or worse if the pet is killed.  Maybe it’s because I saw “Ole Yeller” when I was a kid and remember bawling my eyes out when Travis has to kill Yeller.  As I grow older and more sentimental, I try to avoid movies and books where the pet is hurt.  

With books it’s a little harder to do, but for movies, if the trailer suggests something that makes my pet antenna quiver, I wait until I read the review or someone I know has seen the movie and ask them if anything happens to the pet.  One example is “I Am Legend.”  When it was playing at the theater, the movie trailers looked interesting, but they included a dog.  Uh oh, my pet antenna quivered.  Once I found out that Will Smith’s character has to kill the dog, his pet, I decided right then I wouldn’t ever see the movie.  While I have been told, the killing was done tastefully (is that possible?) and is central to the storyline, it still keeps me from wanting to see the movie.

How do you feel about this?  Does it bother you or do you just accept it as part of the plot and enjoy the book/movie as a whole?


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