Monday, September 5, 2011

Facebook and Blogging and Twitter, Oh My

Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only technologically inept person my age left on the planet.  I’m not old.  Okay, I don’t think I’m old but my many nieces and nephew more than likely do.  I’m part of Generation X but when it comes to tweeting, texting, or anything remotely related to social networking technology, you’d think I was born during the Stone Age.  Sometimes just the thought of trying to figure this stuff out on my own without step by step instructions (yes, I am one of those people who actually read and refer back to instruction manuals) is enough to make me run screaming into the night.   

I have a Facebook page because I was told it was necessary as an author to have one.  A dear friend spent most of her Saturday night helping me set it up and I haven’t been on it since.  Why, you ask.  Because after I sign into the account, I get a completely blank page except for the blue Facebook bar at the top, nothing else no matter what I try.  I figure I need to call my internet provider but I keep putting it off because that usually ends up being an exercise in frustration.  Most of the time when I call, I know more than the person who is supposed to be helping me and believe me, I know next to nothing.

Twitter is another thing I’m told I should be doing as an author as a way to get my name out there.   I have some really great instructions on how to set up the account, how to manage it, and how to tweet or retweet something thanks to fellow writers on both the Guppies loop and The Wild Rose Press Author loop.   I haven’t set up the account yet because I have no idea what I’d tweet.  I hate to admit it, but I live a pretty boring life.  I can’t see anyone caring that I had a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch.  :o)   So what to post is what’s holding me back.

Now blogging, I enjoy.  As you can tell by looking at earlier posts, I’ve only been blogging a short time and it’s been a learning process.  There are still things I haven’t figured out how to do such as post as picture within the confines of a post and have it actually show instead of a little box with jpeg written in it, but I have to admit it’s been interesting to learn. 

Now if I could just figure out how to get over my dislike of abbreviating, I might be able to learn how to text.  LOL  :o)

On a separate note, on Thursday, 9/8/11 I'll be guest blogging at "Off the Keyboard" the official blog of award winning author Sarah Grimm.


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  1. My sympathies are with you, Katherine. I enjoy blogging too. It seems to have more connection that abbreviated catch-words on Twitter and FB. I'm in the same boat. Just about to go back into Facebook and see if I can reclaim the page I set up a month ago!