Friday, April 22, 2016

This I know for sure...

I mentioned a few weeks ago on a "This I know for sure..." post that I'm jealous of my sister's skill when it comes to crotcheting and other needle arts. I've made blankets but nothing more.

I came across the directions for a mermaid blanket on the internet the other day. I've decided to give it a try. It's a blanket, which I know from past experience that I can make, but it's different than your usual blanket so it might be a bit of a challenge.

Here's the link and a picture of what it looks like:

                                                  Mermaid Blanket by Blogunity


  1. Hey Katherine, I'm making a very similar one. Mine had two as shown or one that is more blanket with tail. I opted for the second. One of my friends thinks I'm absolutely crazy, but I'm sure the six year old I'm making it for will love it. (Mine is in bright pink & purple)

    1. Hi Charlotte,
      I think I'd like the blanket with the tail better. It's probably easier to make and use.