Monday, April 4, 2016

Controlling Your Time

I read an article by Angela Quarles posted on the Fiction University website last Thursday that I identified with. Up until this year, I really didn't try to control or harness my time. I fit my writing in when I could and if I couldn't, then I'd just try again the next day. The problem with doing that is it makes it really hard to meet goals or really to get anything done that I decided I didn't have time for for any number of reasons.

This year I bought a paper planner and I've been diligently been planning for my writing time and related things at least 5 days a week. Some days I still don't get as much writing done as I hope especially those days that I have to work later than normal because those late office hours eat up my writing time. But I have learned that by using my planner and putting writing time in as an appointment, I'm getting a lot more done than I was before I was using a planner. I also use it to schedule exercise time which was always the first thing to go when I ran short of time in my day.

While the article is written for writers, I believe it has useful information for anyone who is interested in better handling their time. I'm linking to the article here. It might help you plan for what is important to you. Do you Harness Your Day?

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