Monday, December 21, 2015

Feeding My Habit

Most writers I know are also avid readers. As Stephen King has said, "If you want to be a writer you must do two things above all others: Read a lot and write a lot."  Reading a lot is easy for me. It's my favorite way to spend any free time I have. I'd rather read than do almost anything else.

Before I decided to seriously pursue publication, I read two books a week on average. Most of the time I average just one book a week although at this time of the year, it's considerably less. So far I've only read two books this month. As much as I enjoy the holidays, I give up my reading time with great reluctance so I can shop for gifts, visit with family, go to the occasional holiday party, bake Christmas cookies and other sweets, and my least favorite thing to do - wrap presents. 

One gift I always ask for every year is either a gift card from Barnes & Noble or Amazon so that I can feed my book buying habit. I have quite a few authors that are automatic buys whenever they release a new book. They are Sarah MacLean, Julie Ann Walker, Lucy Arlington, Kristin Higgins, Lisa Kleypas, and Jill Shalvis just to name a few.  Both Sarah MacLean and Kristin Higgins have new releases coming out on December 29th - Just in time for me to use that new gift card. ;o)

Do you have any authors that are on your automatic buy list? Who are they? What do they write?

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