Friday, May 29, 2015

This I know for sure...

Buying a rose bush to replace the one that's been slowly dying over the last two years sounded better in theory than in practice.

Actually let me rephrase that -- the buying wasn't an issue at all. Planting said rose bush was another story. We hadn't had any rain for a couple of weeks so I figured the ground would be too hard for me to dig up the old bush so I waited until it rained thinking the ground would be softer.

The day after it rained, I had the day off so figured it would be the perfect day to tackle the project. I was wrong. The rain the night before didn't make the slightest bit of difference. I could barely get the garden spade a few inches into the hard packed dirt even after trying to use my foot with my weight on it to get the spade to go deeper.

After 45 minutes of fighting with the ground and getting only a shallow hole dug, I gave up and took the wimpy option of getting the new rose bush planted. I called my nephew and asked him when he had time if he could stop by and put in the rose bush for me.

Thirty minutes after he arrived, the new rose bush was planted in its new home with the old one still nestled nearby. (Nephew convinced me to leave the old one in. He cut it back so we'll see if it survives.)

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