Friday, May 1, 2015

This I know for sure...

First let me apologize for anyone who reads this post and doesn't watch Grey's Anatomy.

What I know for sure is that the death of Derek Shepherd was shocking. I'd read somewhere back in January that the actor who plays Derek (Patrick Dempsey) had said this season would be his last. I also remember reading the actress who plays his wife (Ellen Pompeo) saying something similar so I expected they would go off together pretty much in the same manner as Sandra Oh when she left the series.

Having Derek die from being improperly treated after being in a car accident was definitely unexpected. While watching the episode, I didn't understand why he pulled his car off the side of the road only to stop in the middle of the road to pick up his cell phone. Just before he was hit by the tractor trailer, I said to my sister, "why is he stopping halfway across the road to get his phone? Why didn't he pick it up off the floor before he pulled away?"

Just curious, did you wonder the same thing? How do you feel about his death? I already felt the tone of the show has changed since Sandra Oh's departure. It makes me wonder if it will change even more now.

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