Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wednesday Posts

I'm looking to change up my Wednesday posts, but am not sure how I want to revamp them. (I plan on making changes to the entire blog itself, but it'll be done in incremental stages as I can fit it in.)

Did you like the format and sub-headings of the What's Up Wednesday posts? Did you not like any of them? I have to admit the Health News sub-heading was sometimes difficult if I hadn't had any time to do medical journal reading. My day job hours are changing so reading time is going to be much more limited than before. I'm thinking of deleting the Health News section all together.

Would you rather see something all together different on Wednesdays? I still plan on scheduling guests on Wednesdays as dates are requested.

Let me know your thoughts and opinions. What subjects do you prefer to see on blogs? What makes you come back to a blog on a regular basis?

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