Monday, January 12, 2015

One Word

While I did set writing goals, I didn't make any new year's resolutions last year because in the past I never kept them for more than three months or so. Looking back on last year, I realized while I met some of my writing goals, I didn't meet all of those that I could have. I can't help wondering if not setting resolutions had anything to do with it.

At the end of December, I sat down and wrote out my writing goals for this year. I also wrote down a few new year's resolutions but if I'm honest, they were the same ones I'd been setting for years. I asked my sister if she was making any resolutions this year and she said sort of. She picked one word for the year that will help her make changes in her life.

Her word is Focus. She wants to focus on eating better and taking better care of herself and her family. She's a breast cancer survivor and after having been given a second chance at life, she doesn't want to waste that chance keeping the same bad habits she feels may have contributed to her health issues.

I decided to pick one word to guide me through this coming year as well. I picked and discard at least ten different words before deciding the one my sister had chosen was the perfect word for me too.

I want to focus on my writing more. To stop letting it get pushed to the bottom of the To Do list when life gets chaotic. To focus on meeting all of my goals this year instead of just some of them. To focus on the things I can control and to let go of those things I can't. To focus on the present and the possibilities of the future instead of dwelling on the things in the past I can't change and need to let go of.

What about you? Did you make new year's resolutions? Or are you using one word to guide you through this year?

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