Friday, November 7, 2014

This I know for sure...

I'm that person that hates Christmas shopping. Don't get me wrong, I love the Christmas season. I love the music, the cartoons, the baking, and pretty much everything else associated with the holiday except for the shopping.

I hate having to fight the crowds, to try and find a parking spot in over crowded lots, and I'm not a big fan of waiting in long lines while the cashier works in slowest manner possible because he/she doesn't want to be there.

Last year I vowed to do less shopping in stores so earlier this week, I started my shopping by ordering online. I hope to do the majority of it that way with only a few stops in actual physical stores.

Which form of shopping do you prefer?


  1. I used to love shopping when the girls were small...seeing all the toys and clothes, but as they got older I began to hate it...It's just no fun. Now with 2 in uni and one about to go, I think the gift this year is just going to be cash. And yet as much as I hate the shopping, I know I'm going to miss it.

    1. Hi Charlotte,

      I think I'd miss doing some shopping in stores too. I take my mom out to do some of her shopping so even if I'm not buying anything myself, I'll still see all the decorations and such.