Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thanks Mom

Sunday was Mother's Day. Stores have had flowers, chocolates, and cards on display for the last few weeks. I find myself thinking how sad that we only honor our mothers one day a year. Some of us have great relationships with our mothers, some of us not so much. I've always felt that we owe our mothers for the greatest gift we could ever receive -- Life.

I am lucky in that I have a great relationship with my mom. We are friends as well as mother and daughter. I think we are as close as we are because my mom became a single parent at a time when single parents were rare instead of the norm. Or perhaps it's because I appreciated all that she sacrificed when I was growing up. Or maybe it's a combination of the two. All I do know is that she's a huge part of my life and I'd be lost without her.

Photo - Mothers and Children By J170504 U.S. Copyright Office. Copyright by George B. Petty, Chicago. [Public domain]

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