Monday, May 20, 2013

Spring Planting

A couple of weeks ago, my 11 year old nephew and I planted some old flower seeds in starter pots. Being as the seeds were at least a year old, I warned him there was a chance nothing would grow. He checks the pots daily, watering them when they need it, and moving the pots around the porch to ensure they get sun. Surprisingly enough they are growing, flourishing even. Today we'll be planting them in bigger pots and I'm hoping we'll be transplanting them into the front yard in front of the rose bush in a few weeks when I know they'll be strong enough to withstand the summer rain storms we get every year.

 I'm known for not having much of a green thumb, in fact my family teases me that I have a black thumb because I even managed to kill a cactus plant in the past which needed practically no watering or attention. My nephew seems to enjoy watching the minute changes in the plants as each day passes so I've put him in charge of their care. As I watch him nurture the seedlings, it reminds me that he too has had to overcome adversity and with love and attention he is also thriving.

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