Monday, May 13, 2013

Please Welcome My Guest...

Please welcome my guest, contemporary romance author Leanne Davis. 

Tell us something about yourself both writing and not writing related.

I live in rainy pacific northwest just outside of Seattle. I live on acreage that requires a lot of my time…especially in the spring. But I love any excuse to get outside.

Do you have a writing routine?  Where do you usually do your writing?

I write any time both my kids are at school. I do editing all the time. I am always reading/polishing one of my novels. I use my kindle fire to highlight changes and next time I can, I make corrections. I create all the time. My head is always buzzing with characters talking, or interacting…or new problems getting made/resolved.

I work in my office upstairs. I don’t have internet access up there (on purpose) so I don’t get tempted to web surf so I actually have to work! I do my online stuff with my laptop.

A great idea to write on a computer that doesn't have internet access. Why do you write in the genre/sub-genre that you do?  Any plans in the future to write in a different one?

I write contemporary romance. My debut novel is a romantic suspense, but most of my follow up novels are contemporary. I don’t plan at this time to do any switching. I have about a dozen novels I want to write before I’ll be out of ideas…so I’m good right now.

How do you stay motivated when writer’s block hits or your muse won’t cooperate?

I never give it a chance. When I can write, I write. It’s a job I don’t wait for inspiration to do it. If  I did, I’d never get anything down on paper. I had to train myself to write around little kids and busy schedules…so there wasn’t much time to coddle when I felt like writing or not. I try to be disciplined and write any time I can. Luckily my ideas usually start flowing the minute my hands hit the keyboard even if I think I’m not in the mood.

I wish ideas would flow as soon as my hands hit the keyboard. I usually end up wasting the first 15 minutes or so after I sit down before the words start coming. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever done in the name of research?

My contemporary settings don’t make for too unusual of research. I often base fictional towns on places I’ve been…so that’s easy enough to write about. I don’t create alternate universes…and most of my characters have jobs that are pretty easily researched. So research for me is a lot of time on Google, websites and the library. We travel around our state a lot, so I get physical descriptions off of that.

What’s the best writing advice you were ever given? 

Treat your writing as a job, not a hobby. It’s way too easy when unpublished to think, well this doesn’t really count as a job, so (insert multiple reasons why it’s not important to write). I read this in a book on writing processes…and it stuck. It freed me to give myself permission that when I was writing I was working, whether or not anyone else ever knew I was. And it also made me say no to outside things because I had to work, though most people didn’t know why I might be saying no. I appeared as a stay at home mom with not much else to distract me from that job. I was still hyper private that I wrote…it was a mental thing in giving me permission to write.

That is great advice. Lately, I've been in the hobby mindset and need to get back to the "this is a second job" mindset. What do you like to do in your leisure time?

I love to be outside. Luckily my husband does too and we spend much of our time camping and boating together. That also helps me refill my well to write.

Tell us about your current release in a couple of sentences.

Poison is a romantic suspense about a couple who rekindles their love after a decade apart and a bitter betrayal. It also has a sadistic villain who the heroin is trying to protect her young son from.

I downloaded Poison on my Kindle on Friday and can't wait to read it. Can you tell us a little about your next project?

I have started a new series. I love to write series! The first book is done and I’m into book #2. It is my River’s End Series about four brothers who own and operate a thousand acre horse ranch and how they struggle for independence from their heritage and search to find love.

Sounds interesting. Anything else you’d like to share?

The sequel to Poison, Notorious is due out soon (not sure when the exact release date will be) from The Wild Rose Press! I just got my beautiful new cover and you can peak at it on my website:

Blurb: On the run from her violent ex-husband, Cassie Reeves will do anything to keep her son safe, even if it means turning to a man she betrayed a decade ago. John Tyler now hates her as much as he once loved her--but Cassie has no choice.

John's quiet life as a small town doctor in Seaclusion, Washington has no place in it for the woman he turned his back on ten years ago. But when Cassie and her son land on his doorstep, he can't turn them away. The longer she stays, though, the harder it is to remember why he stopped loving her.

With her ex-husband closing in, Cassie soon realizes that only she can end what he has started. And as John and Cassie's mutual attraction reignites, she vows to do anything to protect her son and grab the happiness that has escaped her for so long.

            Poison kindle edition is on sale for $2.99 until the end of June!

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  1. Hi Leanne,
    Great interview. Nice to find out a little moe about you.
    Poison sounds intriqueing. The title is very evocative.



  2. Thank you Margaret...glad you stopped by.

  3. Congrats Leanne! I got this book a few days ago and will enjoy it eventually. LOL Your advice is very good. I have to remind myself and hubby that writing IS my job, other than caring for a 7-yo granddaughter and 71 yo fil.

  4. Congrats on your release. Sounds like a good read.