Friday, August 10, 2012

This I know for sure...

...a great book is one I hate having to put down and that I can't wait until I can pick back up again. Of course, if a book engages my emotions whether through tears or laughter, it automatically becomes a "great book" which I end up recommending to everyone I talk to.

I've just finished One Summer by JoAnn Ross and found myself trying to read the book whenever I had a spare few minutes. I'm looking forward to reading the 3rd book in the series.

I started A Rogue By Any Other Name by Sarah MacLean last night and was intrigued from the very beginning.  I found myself staying up way too late reading.  Let me just say 5:15 came awfully early this morning. I even read the book while eating breakfast and while I brushed my teeth.  And hated having to put it away to go to work. I found myself wishing I could have taken a vacation day just so I could stay home and read it.  Definitely the mark of a great book.

What constitutes a great book to you?


  1. It definitely is those books I race through because I just can't put them down. Another sure way I know it's a fantastic book is if I'm already contemplating when I want to reread it next. I'm a notorious rereader. Can't help it. I suppose it's not different than watching your favorite movie over and over when you see it come on.

  2. A great book is when I can't stop smiling or crying. Doesn't happen often. Also when I read something and say, I could never write this, that's a good sign too!