Friday, March 23, 2012

This I know for Sure...

In today's economy, anyone who has a job should be thankful for it, no matter how crappy they think it is. (I'm not saying I think my job is crappy, in fact I'm happier at this job than I've ever been at any other one.)

I know too many people who were victims of the recession who are struggling to get back on their feet so it bothers me when I hear people who make great salaries complain about how crummy their job is.  It also bothers me when someone makes a comment along the lines of  "you should just be thankful you have a job" or "money isn't everything" when hearing about the horribly low pay the other person had to accept because he or she had no other choice. 

While I agree everyone should be thankful for their jobs, I don't agree that money isn't everything.  Money is everything when your paycheck doesn't cover even the basic monthly bills of food, utilities, rent/mortgage, and gas to get back and forth to said job.  In today's world, it's even harder to survive when you are one of the working poor.  How do you support a family on $8 or $9 an hour?  Yet, many employers believe this is a reasonable salary and can get away with paying such low wages because they know there is someone out there desperate enough for a job that will accept the position.

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