Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Please welcome my guest

Today, I'm honored to welcome Sunny Kennedy, the heroine from Christine Warner's debut novel, Some Like It in Handcuffs.

Good morning, Sunny.  

Hi Katherine.  :o)  Great to meet you and thanks for letting me visit today.

       Would you tell us a little about yourself?

I live in Western Michigan, along the lakeshore.  I’ve been a private investigator for a few years and most of my work has been pretty tame.  You know, gathering evidence for divorce cases and locating missing persons, but I’ve decided to go for something a bit more challenging.  I’m working undercover to solve a cold case murder that happened in the 1980’s before I was born.

Unfortunately my father and four brothers all work law enforcement and it’s hard to keep them from finding out what I’m up to.  Can you believe that they actually are bribing me, yes bribing—well, okay, maybe forcing would be a better word—into working with Judson Blackwolf, one of their detective buddies, in order to keep working on the case.  If I don’t take his help, they won’t allow me access to some of the files from the case I need in order to get the job done. 

But they underestimate me.  I’ll let him help, but only to a certain point and just enough to allow me access to those files I need.

Do you have any siblings?  Do they play a large part in your story?

Oh yeah, cue the eye roll…lol…I have four overbearing brothers who watch my every move.  For some reason they think they can still run my life and tell me what to do.  But my main goal in solving this case is not only to help Mr. DeVito find out who murdered his daughter almost thirty years ago, but to prove to my family I can handle tougher cases.  I want to earn their respect so they’ll see me for the woman I’ve become and not the little girl I used to be  :o)

How would you describe yourself? 

I’ve been told I’m sassy and jump into things before I think them through.  I prefer to say I’m determined and ready to go!

I like determined and ready to go too. Describe what your typical day
would be like.

I’m not a morning person and have to admit a few cups of coffee usually remedy that.  LOL.  I’m an extreme note maker and prefer to spend my mornings plotting out my day and  how I’m going to work my case.  

Working undercover to solve the DeVito case required me to take a job as a bartender at Benny’s Backyard Playhouse.  The strip club is owned by the main murder suspect, so this is a great place for me to be for information.

I know exactly what you mean about needing a few cups of coffee. :o)
What was your first impression of the hero?  Did it change as you grew
to know him?

Judson Blackwolf…he’s easy on the eyes for sure.  I’ve always had a thing for tall, dark and handsome and he’s all of that and more.  But, he’s also a friend of my brothers, works in law enforcement and has been given the task of babysitter by my father and brothers. 

After growing up in a proud, card carrying family of law enforcement, the last thing I want in a romantic relationship is a another member, but I have to admit, the more I’m forced to work with Judson, his humor and dedication in helping me has softened me up.   

If you could do something forbidden, what would it be?  Why?

      Now that’s a tough one.  Something forbidden…hmm…definitely
     something to get the attention of the men in my family.  Especially
     my brother Derek.  For some reason—and I’ll be honest here, it’s
     because we’re similar—there is nothing better than getting the one 
     up on him.  He’s so overprotective that I can’t resist the chance to show
     him I’m my own person, and usually it takes me crossing the line to do it.
     I know that’s bad, but I can’t resist.  Basically I can’t pinpoint something
     in particular, but I’ll know it when the time strikes and go for it.  :o)

What is your favorite time of day?  Why?

My favorite time of the day would have to be evening, into early morning.  Being a PI, it seems like most of my work happens at night, and truthfully I’ve always been a night owl.  I love how the city comes to life in a different way after the sun goes down.  I feel more empowered of my own destiny  :o)

Thanks, Sunny, for spending time with us today.  I enjoyed getting to know you.  I'm looking forward to reading more about you in Christine Warner's book, Some Like It in Handcuffs, which will be available March 23, 2012 from The Wild Rose Press.


Some Like It In Handcuffs

Sunny Kennedy is a fledgling private investigator and the only girl in a family of protective male detectives. She’s out to prove testosterone isn’t the main qualification required to solve a cold case. The only things standing in her way are a sexy detective and a killer who will stop at nothing to keep a secret.

Judson Blackwolf, a seasoned homicide detective, thinks women in law enforcement should work behind the scenes. The prospect of working with his Captain’s sexy daughter doesn’t thrill him. 

But when their investigation takes a dangerous turn, they realize their feelings for each other, tangled in a web from the past, might not be the only thing to keep them apart.  


“This isn’t how I wanted it between us.”  Judson grabbed the neckline of her sweater, dragging her body to meet his with a solid thump.  Sunny licked her lips in answer to the question in his eyes.  He lowered his head to move his mouth over hers. 

Sunny closed her eyes, a small whimper escaping her lips.  She didn’t want it like this either, but that wasn’t possible.  Unable to resist her attraction she accepted it wasn’t an affair, or a long distance romance she craved, but for him to love her back.  It was all or nothing for her.  Her heart sank.  She accepted this as their goodbye kiss.

With no thought to what was happening upstairs, Sunny rose up on her toes demanding more.  Her lips pulsated against Judson’s.  When his hand trembled against her cheek in a soft caress she lost touch with reality.
“Judson.” Sunny’s weakened body drifted farther into Judson’s as his fingers glided down her arms, pulling them to her sides where their fingers intertwined.  He forced them behind her before his tongue thrust into her mouth.
Their bodies molded together, she heard her own heartbeat and his as well when he curved his fingers around her rear and squeezed. 

That’s when the click of the handcuffs against her wrist connected her to the handle of the locked cupboard.
“What the hell…Judson?”  She looked up at him, her knees shook, her body still inflamed with fever. 

“Like I was saying, you wait here and I’ll go upstairs to check it out.  Backup’s already been called, so you’re safe until your brothers arrive.”  Judson winked before walking toward the steps to the third level.  Once he reached them he turned toward her and smiled.  “Gotcha,” he whispered with his notorious grin.

You can learn more about Sunny's creator, Christine Warner by visiting her on her blog,, liking her on Facebook at or you can follow her on Twitter at christineswords 

Thank you Christine for letting Sunny visit.  It was fun getting to know her.

Thanks so much for having allowing Sunny and I to visit!


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  3. Nice to 'meet' you, Sunny! Your book sound fab - glad you got Christine to tell it. :)

    1. Hi Kristi! Sunny is off on a case, but she wanted me to pop in here and there. Glad you enjoyed the interview..I'll relay the message :) *wink*

  4. Loved visiting with Sunny today, Christine, and the excerpt was hot!

    1. Glad you liked it Tere! Sunny holds a special place in my her and Judson :)

  5. Nice to meet you, Sunny. I think Judson better make a run for it when you get out of those handcuffs! Can't wait to read your story.

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    Hope you sell a ton of copies,
    Happy release day,

  9. Hi Sunny! Nice to meet you. *waves* It must be great living along the shore like you do.

    What a cute character interview! And what a great book to read.

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  11. Hi Christine,

    Sorry I'm checking in so late. It's been crazy busy here at work today. I'm so glad you and Sunny are visiting today.

    1. Hi Katherine...we're so happy you had us! We're having a great time on your beautiful blog.

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  15. Christine,
    Thank you again for allowing me to interview Sunny and being a guest on my blog. I enjoyed learning about her and look forward to reading SOME LIKE IT IN HANDCUFFS.

    1. Thank you Katherine! Sunny and I had a great time. Love your blog and it was great talking with everyone today!

  16. Hi Sunny!!

    Can't wait to read this book....Good luck, Christine!!

  17. Thanks Sara...Sunny is looking forward to getting to know you better...and I'll be thrilled to have you read our book! Glad you dropped by!