Friday, December 16, 2016

This I know for sure...

My cat, Somebody, is experiencing his second winter. Last winter was very mild with above average temperatures and below average snowfall. This year however, we've already received more snow than we normally do at this time in the season and we're due to get more snow over the weekend. Today, the temperature is forecast to be 12 degrees with 45 mile an hour wind gusts which will make the temperature feel like 20 degrees below zero.

Somebody has started curling up next to the register in the dining room whenever he hears the furnace click on. I've put a few old baby blankets I have in his two cat beds and left one on the end of the sofa so he can snuggle up when he gets cold.

I know how he feels. I wear a cardigan sweater every day when I get home from work from mid November to late April or early May when spring finally arrives. I think we're both already counting down the days.

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