Friday, November 18, 2016

This I know for sure...

In the area where I live we get an average of 7 inches of snow in November. To date, we haven't received any snow worth mentioning. We received a few flakes in October that melted almost as soon as they touched the ground. Unfortunately, the lack of snow is going to come to a end.

The meteorologists are forecasting rain late in the day on Sunday, changing to snow through the overnight, and into Monday. They are calling for lake effect snow which means there will be bands of snow that can drop more than an inch an hour.

I'm not complaining that the snow is coming. After all I live in an area that gets an average of 100 inches of snow during the winter season. I am worried though because I just graduated last week from an orthopedic boot to a brace that you can wear in your shoe. The problem is that the only shoe I can wear with the brace on that doesn't put pressure on any of the surgical scars is a cloth slipper type slip-on shoe that has no tread to speak of. I'm worried about slipping on the ice that is sure to form under the snow since it's supposed to rain and then change to snow.

I'm going shoe shopping after work today and hoping I can find something with good tread on the soles that I can wear with the brace that doesn't hurt. I have to wear the brace until at least January 5th so I definitely need to find something I can wear in the snow while wearing the brace.

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