Friday, May 6, 2016

This I know for sure...

My favorite snack of choice is homemade cookies. I'll eat store bought cookies now and then, but homemade ones...I can't resist them. Needless to say, I don't make them very often because I eat more than my fair share.

I saw the new iPhone 6s commercial with Cookie Monster on TV the other day. I thought it was great mainly because I'm just like Cookie Monster, impatiently waiting for the cookies to cook so I can eat them. My sister even asked me if I'd seen it and if it reminded me of anyone. Here's a link to the commercial if you haven't seen it. iPhone 6s Cookie Monster Commercial

Do you have a favorite snack that you can't resist?


  1. I love this commercial! :)

    The snack I can't resist? I'm more of a potato chip-girl. Or Goldfish would be my number #2 love.

    1. Hi Juli,
      I love the commercial too. I can take or leave Goldfish, but I do like potato chips. My older sister gave them up for lent this year and said it was worse than giving birth. LOL.