Friday, October 23, 2015

This I know for sure...

A poll by Surescripts of 1,000 US adults revealed that Americans spend an average of 5 minutes filling out doctors' forms, or a third of the time they actually spend with their doctors.

I found this interesting. I went to the doctor's office last Friday to have my ankle examined. I had to fill out all of the same forms I'd filled out 3 weeks ago. When I told the receptionist I'd just filled the forms out on September 26th. She gave me a look and said the forms are required to be completed if I wanted to see the doctor that day. Needless to say I completed the forms again.

To make matters worse, I sat in the waiting room for 45 minutes, was taken to the X-ray area, waited in that waiting area for 10 minutes, had the X-rays taken and then was led back to the main waiting room for another 15 minutes. I was finally called into an examining room where I waited 10 minutes more for the orthopedist to come in. He came in, looked at the x-rays, checked the flexibility of my foot, pressed in the area where the fracture was and pronounced it well healed with the x-ray showing new bone growth in the fracture area. He was in the room for a total of 5 minutes.

And I get to do it all over again next month because he wants to see how my ankle looks after I've been out of the orthopedic boot for a month. The best part of my appointment last Friday was that I no longer have to wear the boot. I will not miss it in the slightest. :o)


  1. I had a compound tib-fib fracture almost three years ago now. Surgery, cast, boot, no boot, back to boot, xray after xray (I swear I just about GLOWED!!). And most of the time, I was waiting. Waiting for surgery, waiting for a new cast, waiting for new xrays, waiting waiting waiting. Congrats from graduating from the boot! :)

    1. Hi Susabelle,

      Thanks for the good wishes. Wow, your injury was much worse than mine. I feel bad for complaining. :o)

  2. Katherine, I can identify with the paperwork and waiting.....but I'm glad to hear your break is healing well.